Health Insurance with Maternity

Tweet Women under the age of 45 and older than 16 years of age are considered in their child bearing years by insurance companies.  Women in this age range are regularly charged more than anyone else.  While this may seem like it is a form of discrimination; it is however, a cost of childbirth.  Keeping […]

Filing a Complaint About Insurance Companies in Missouri

Tweet The Division of Consumer Affairs within the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (DIFP) has made it very simple to file a complaint about insurance companies.  The State of Missouri provides a comprehensive and easy to use system to notify the state government about insurance practices that are unfair, cross a […]

Get Cheap Health Insurance Quote

Tweet It has already been over a year since the health care bill was signed by President Obama and many states are just beginning to work on changes. Part of the bill requires states to set up health care exchanges which are hoped to lead to increased industry competition and drive prices lower. The states […]

Health Insurance an Important Investment

Tweet While health insurance is not yet required by the law, it is an important investment into one’s health and the health of one’s family. Unfortunately it does not always seem like a financial possibility for many adults out or work, or on a small fixed income. Learning to cut back in other areas in […]

Cheap Health Insurance Better Benefits Better Health

Tweet One year ago today the Obama administration started the Affordable Care Act. Now they are working on a plan to better inform people about what benefits can be received through the act and how to get access to them. What the White House has deemed the “Better Benefits, Better Health Initiative” is meant to […]

Generic Medication Costs

Tweet The affordable care act brought on by the Obama administration promises a decreased amount of costs associated with health care. These diminished costs are also supposed to reach out to prescription and over the counter drugs. However, in the past four years the cost for prescription drugs has risen. From 2006 to 2010 the […]

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  • Tips for starting a company, business insurance

    Tips for starting a company, business insurance

    Tweet Starting a business, especially in the current economic climate, is never the easiest task. Even if you have the greatest ideas, finances play a key part in any business, and that is exactly what is currently lacking for a lot of people. Maybe you need more startup capital or are looking for an investment […]

  • Does Health Insurance Cover Botox Treatments?

    Does Health Insurance Cover Botox Treatments?

    Tweet Does Health Insurance Cover Botox Treatments? Health Insurance typically  does not cover botox injections if they are used strictly for cosmetic purposes.  All insurance carriers are different and some may have exceptions or limitations for their clients to receive these treatments for cosmetic purposes.  Each case will be different and you are encouraged to […]

  • The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance

    The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance

    Tweet The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Passed and signed in March of 2010, the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan makes health care coverage available even to those who have been denied coverage in the past.  The eligibility requirements for participants are: must be a legal US resident, must have been uninsured for at least the past six […]

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