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Medicaid Patients Criticize Health Insurance

Tweet Medicaid is often criticized for its attention to patient care, but a new pilot program may be in the way to change it all. Thanks to a bill passed in 2009 by the state legislature of Nebraska, a new pilot program for delivering Medicaid has been made possible. This program will be tested out […]

Health Insurance for College Students

Tweet There are new reforms in the works when it comes to health insurance and the estimated 3 million college students across the United States. These reforms would push universities and colleges across the states to provide health insurance options for their students. These plans would not be affected if the student was under 18 […]

Rescinded Health Insurance

Tweet Health Insurance is a necessity, one that not everyone can get.  This has left many using the emergency room as their own healthcare back up plan.  Emergency rooms cannot refuse treatment to those that cannot make arrangements to pay.  This is covered by law and many are forced to rely upon this service when […]

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Services Health Insurance

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Services Health Insurance

Tweet Drug abuse and addiction recovery is covered by most major health insurance companies. Addiction is a physical ailment with mental health associated issues. Health Insurance Drug Addiction Under most insurance policies, addictions to drugs and alcohol can be treated as a medical condition. This may also include any psychological treatment that is found to […]