Filing a Complaint About Insurance Companies in Missouri

The State of Missouri Department of InsuranceThe Division of Consumer Affairs within the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (DIFP) has made it very simple to file a complaint about insurance companies.  The State of Missouri provides a comprehensive and easy to use system to notify the state government about insurance practices that are unfair, cross a line or have harmed a consumer in any way.

The State of Missouri suggests contacting the offending insurance company or insurance agent and bringing the issue to their attention before filing a complaint with the state.  They also suggest that all phone calls are documented and that the time, date and name of caller should be included in that documentation.  Any written correspondence in letter form or email should also be kept.

If the insurance company fails to respond in an appropriate manner to the complaint, then file one with the State so that the matter can be investigated.  At this point, make certain to turn over any documentation along with complaint form so that the investigator has all the information that he or she needs.

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