Health Insurance with Maternity

maternity insuranceWomen under the age of 45 and older than 16 years of age are considered in their child bearing years by insurance companies.  Women in this age range are regularly charged more than anyone else.  While this may seem like it is a form of discrimination; it is however, a cost of childbirth.  Keeping maternity insurance in case you might become pregnant could be incredibly expensive.

Often, with planned parenting, it can be a choice when you are having a child.  If you go off that plan and do become pregnant while not carrying maternity insurance, you will not be able to secure it.  Without maternity insurance coverage for one year before becoming pregnant, it could be considered a pre-existing condition.

Maternity insurance covers the different stages of pregnancy.  Each stage of pregnancy has different expenses incurred with it and with each stage there could potentially be complications.  Maternity insurance can protect the mother and child should there be any complications.  If you are planning to be pregnant in the next two years, now would be the time to seek out maternity insurance.


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