Get Cheap Health Insurance Quote

Get Cheap Health Insurance Quotes

Health insurance, while not mandatory is one of those costs that should be paid willingly to insure proper medical care. Many families across the United States are currently uninsured because they believe the cost is too much. In many cases they simply cannot financially handle the extra expense.

Health Insurance for the Uninsured

Throughout the month of March there were two separate studies done looking into the amount of working Americans were uninsured. The reports showed that more individuals were uninsured and did not seek medical attention for injuries and illnesses because of issues with money.
The Commonwealth fund, out of New York, reported the numbers.

Financial Toll for Those Without Insurance

It was reported that in the last ten years the percentage of uninsured individuals rose four percent which equates to 38 million uninsured Americans. Many respondents blamed the economy or loss of jobs as the reason for being uninsured. The Families USA in Washington, DC, also did a survey finding that out of pocket costs are rising and taking a financial toll on those without insurance.
Get Cheap Health Insurance Quote