Does Health Insurance Cover Botox Treatments?

Health InsuranceDoes Health Insurance Cover Botox Treatments?

Health Insurance typically  does not cover botox injections if they are used strictly for cosmetic purposes.  All insurance carriers are different and some may have exceptions or limitations for their clients to receive these treatments for cosmetic purposes.  Each case will be different and you are encouraged to speak with your health insurance provider before looking into the procedure.

One issue that has come up in relation to health insurance companies not covering botox treatments is cheap botox.  Unfortunately, there are some dubious characters out there that offer cheap botox treatments; but are patients really getting what they are paying for?

Information from a Chicago Dermatologist has shown that some of these dubious deals are not at all what they seem.  The dermatologist in Chicago has pointed out that patients that fall for cheap botox scams are not getting enough of the injections and thus have to have more treatments that normal.  Some of these treatments are not even administered by dermatologists!  Let the buyer beware when accepting a cheap botox deal.


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