Medicaid Patients Criticize Health Insurance

Medicaid is often criticized for its attention to patient care, but a new pilot program may be in the way to change it all. Thanks to a bill passed in 2009 by the state legislature of Nebraska, a new pilot program for delivering Medicaid has been made possible. This program will be tested out in Nebraska.

The program will last two years and will be centered on a patient care approach to health care. The program will provide extra assistance to Medicaid patients. The goal is to help patients manage their own health needs. Part of the program would include making specialist visits easier as well as reminding patients of dates for appointments and tests.

There are two different medical clinics that have been chosen to run the pilot program. Those clinics are The Kearney Clinic and The Plum Creek Medical Group in Lexington Nebraska. The program will be re-evaluated at the end of the two year pilot.

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