Substance Addiction and Abuse of Prescribed Medicines

Substance Addiction and Abuse of Prescribed Medicines

Addiction is a serious disease that millions of Americans suffer from.  Addiction to prescription medication is incredibly common and some of those that need help might not even know that their health insurance can help them.  The cost of medically treating substance abuse can be high, but health insurance companies will cover the cost of rehabilitating their policy holders.  These expenses could include stays at a rehabilitation center, psychological services (often limited to a number of visits) and maintenance medications if needed.

Millions become addicted to pain medication simply because It was prescribed to them for real pain.  As the patient takes the addictive substance, they often still crave the effects of the medication for some time after.  There are those that may seek out more by dubious methods and others might be able to stave it off.  If you are one that has found themselves addicted, speak to a medical professional and seek help.  Also check that your insurance company covers such expenses.

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