Is Temporary Health Insurance for You?

Temporary health insurance is an option that many take when they are unemployed and cannot afford the cost of a COBRA health plan.  COBRA tends to be extremely expensive because companies are given extreme discounts or pay at least half of the cost for their employees.  When the employee no longer works for the company, they are still given the right to keep that insurance however, they have to maintain the premiums without the assistance from the company or any of the discounts afforded the company.

Temporary health insurance is often times much cheaper than paying COBRA.  The term of the policy is often under 6 months but could be carried for up to a year.  This is not a replacement for a regular health insurance policy and should only be carried for as long as necessary.  Even short term insurance can be differently priced based on the applicant’s health history, credit history and the any discounts that the applicant might receive from the health insurance provider.   Locate a quote comparison tool to discover the lowest prices in temporary health insurance.

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